Scandinavian Exterior Design – Clean Functional and Timeless

Replicating Scandinavian design in your outdoor living area will result in an inviting space that looks gorgeous while feeling natural, by using light colors that fit with nature and merging it all into one cohesive whole.

Add Scandinavian touches to your home by choosing simple accents such as unique exterior lighting, charming mailboxes, or eye-catching doormats and mailboxes with natural materials that will complete the look. A garage door featuring clean designs and natural materials may also help achieve this look.

Light Colors

Scandinavian design relies heavily on light colors to maximize natural lighting and create a bright and cozy living environment. Large windows, light-colored curtains, and ambient and task lighting all play key roles in making up a Scandinavian home.

Scandinavian philosophy embraces fitting your home in with nature from its exterior design. Wood cladding, light-colored roofing, or textured shingles should create an appearance both rugged and refined simultaneously.

Scandinavian paint colors often include vibrant accents of rich reds or deep blues for doors, trim and garage doors. But to maintain a cohesive appearance that welcomes visitors, these vibrant tones must be balanced out with white trim and wooden shutters – such as white trim for trim and wooden shutters for shutters – to prevent your house from looking too stark or detached from its surroundings. Minimalism in exterior decor also contributes to this welcoming Nordic landscape environment.

Clean Lines

Scandinavian exterior design utilizes clean lines to highlight natural elements and functional spaces within a home, such as its outdoor areas or living space. A minimalist approach lets the natural beauty of your home stand out and prevents it from becoming overrun with too many decorative accents.

Natural materials like wood play an integral role in this style, while large windows and natural lighting offer a link with nature, creating a home that feels part of its environment instead of an intrusive structure.

Just something as basic as an overhead door can help add Scandinavian design elements to your home. A beautiful wood garage door can highlight this aesthetic while providing storage space for vehicles or gardening tools. Try Clopay’s Flush design for R-16 Acadia construction for a sophisticated yet understated look that still allows natural woodgrain to shine through.

Natural Materials

Scandinavian designs often utilize natural materials that can be readily found locally to support sustainability while creating an uplifting living space for their residents. Wood is often chosen, be it exposed beams or full wall cladding. When combined with stone it creates a gorgeous aesthetic; adding natural-looking roof designs can complete the picture.

Concrete is another popular material used in Scandinavian homes. While it might appear cold and unyielding at first glance, concrete is durable enough to withstand Nordic winter conditions while offering a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Adding some Scandi flair to your patio or porch is straightforward. Simply spreading plants and flowers around will add an intimate, relaxed vibe, while fitting seamlessly with its light colors and clean lines. Try sticking to one color palette to maintain continuity.

Functional Spaces

Scandinavian-style homebuilding embodies an easygoing, natural lifestyle with an emphasis on natural beauty and functionality. Professional builders who choose this approach to home building excel at seamlessly blending traditional vernacular construction techniques with modern materials and design features for maximum impact.

Install a patio area that overlooks a tranquil lake or picturesque landscape to add Scandinavian charm and relaxation to your property, perfect for hosting friends or just relaxing after work.

Minimalist architecture works well with homes of various styles, including bungalows and cottages. One Scandinavian house plan from Real Architecture uses contrastive blond wood siding with black windows and a front door for an eye-catching appearance that draws your focus to certain spectacular elements. Our Moderno Multi garage door can help achieve this look with 3/16″ deep continuous lines on every 4″ section for a natural wood effect – it is available with R-16 Standard+ or R-12 Acadia construction and Chocolate Walnut wood finishes.