The Shapeshifting Chair – Having A Chair That Is Good For Other Things Than Sitting

Introducing the MANET Easy Chair, a shapeshifting chair that will set you back 1,500 EUR but that can be perfect if you are a relaxation enthusiast that really loves interior design and unique furniture. Best Before 2065 is responsible for creating a chair that looks like some weirdly shaped pillows that are weirdly thrown together. That is until you actually sit in the chair.

The Shapeshifting MANET chair is basically wonderful for allowing you to get a unique seating position, one that is going to change based on what you need at the moment. 16 fluffy cushions allow you to rearrange or simply remove some, exactly as you see it fit. You can create a perfect comfort zone that is customized for your needs.

MANET highlights that this is much more than just a playful chair. Officially it is:

“thought to give you the feeling of a soft embrace, providing you with the maximum freedom of movement att he same time. On MANET, as on a meadow, you’re free to lay or to sit in your favorite position…while staying in-between the soft stems of the chair.”


Every single removable stem will be made out of a washable 100% polyester fabric, making it really easy to clean. All you have to do is unzip covers and then use the washing machine. Pillows are placed in the box structure, all offering that perfect relaxing position you look for. Check out the following video for more information and the images that are in the gallery below.