Most Expensive 9 Designer Couches

In this article I am going to show you a list of the most expensive designer couches. As you probably know, the sofas and the couches are usually very valuable. Some of these luxury products were made as limited products and a few of them can be found on the market today

  1. Lexington Upholstery Salon Sofa

This sofa has a wooden body with a consistent moisture. The consistent moisture is close to six percent. It also has some really beautiful silk tassels hanging. The soft surface of the sofa can only support four people at a time and its price is usually around 5800$.

  1. VIG Chesterfield Leather Sofa

This sofa has been made to fit four people at a time. It is made with an exotic leather. It also has some really great looking arm rests with curves. Usually you can purchase this sofa at a price staring from around 8000$.

  1. Sloane Leather Corner Sofa

The depth of this sofa is the reason why it is so expensive. It is really comfortable and it has a big sitting space. This sofa was made using hardwood frame and even leather cushions. The price goes up to about 6800$ because the couch is pretty large.

  1. Bugatti Grain Leather Sofa

This sofa is made of luxurious materials that you will also find in a Bugatti car. The main aspect regarding this sofa is that it uses stainless steel legs and has a strong foam inside. This sofa is going to be available in different colors such as black, white and even grey. You can buy this sofa at a price of 7500$.

  1. Padma`s Plantation Loft Sectional

This sofa has some hardwood frames and elastic strings. White fabric cushions are used in the making of this soda. If you want to buy this sofa, you will need to pay 8200$ to get it.

  1. Crocodile Leather Sofa

This sofa made by VIG is quite unique because it uses crocodile leather. The best thing about crocodile leather is that it is stronger than any traditional materials. The reason why this sofa is really expensive is because of the crocodile leather. This sofa has L-shaped pattern and it is ready to fit four people. You can buy this sofa at a price of 8,500$.

  1. Fabio Leather Cinema Sofa

This sofa`s main characteristic is the fact that it is pretty large. This is why the price is also high. Other value adders are the integrated fridge compartment, electric recliners and also the small speakers. Thanks to these unique features, the sofa is available at a price of 9000$.

  1. The Eames Sofa

This is a three seat sofa made of leather material. It also has some arm rests and also back rests. The Eames Sofa has aluminum legs and thick cushions. This sofa is priced at around 9800$ and this means it isn`t really accessible for any budget.

  1. Diamond Encrusted Sofa

This sofa is extremely limited. It is made of mahogany wood and has some authentic diamonds placed all over its body. The price of this sofa can easily get to 184,000$ on the market.