Slope House by Hsu-Rudolphy

Slope House

The Slope House is located close to Lake Rapel, in Chile, and is the work of Hsu-Rudolphy. The property is located 2 hours away from Santiago de Chile. The house covers 244 square meters and includes 3 levels:

  • The upper floor is where you find the common spaces of the dining room, services, terrace, kitchen and living rooms. There is a roof at this level, together with an inclined plane offering space hierarchy, ranging in height from 2.7 to 4 meters.
  • The middle floor features 3 bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • The lower floor features a living space and a second terrace that connects to the lake.

The elementary structure is made out of concrete and steel in a way that it does not interfere with the field. Its skin is made out of glass and wood. The architects wanted to use simple finishes and other solutions, all with the main purpose of arranging everything in an efficient way. High durability and low maintenance were important parts of the process so guests can focus on their connection with the surrounding landscape.

Architects wanted to conserve the natural environment and the natural lake views. In order to achieve both of these things, the house was located on the slope in a perpendicular way. This generate precise and small terraced levels. Not much earthwork was needed. Land erosion and occupation were minimized.

The Slope House integrates architectural volume right into the environment. The intention was always to achieve a good dialogue between what is natural and what is artificial. The house manages to do exactly that, with accesses built as walkways, connecting this building at various levels.