Spanish Interior Design Overview

The Modern Spanish Interior Design style is also known as Mediterranean style and it is used in Spain, Greece and Italy.

Spain is well known for its brightness and its colors. The multitude of cultures from the entire world brought together in a single country makes it very attractive and interesting. This combination of cultures is reflected in interior design as well. The Spanish style changed over time due to so many influences, but that’s exactly what makes it so fascinating.

Flickr Image from user Rustico Tile And Stone

Spanish houses have a classic beauty, barely seen in any other country in the world. In most cases those are asymmetric as configuration, with arched doors, roofs with curved tiles, small balconies, a lot of grass and flowers and a general impression of natural luxury.

In Spain, the interior walls are usually made from a hard texture: stucco or plaster, in order to obtain an interesting visual depth. This is a characteristic that distinguishes Spanish interior design from many others. The walls are painted with a neutral color that gives the special brightness that Spanish houses are so popular for. The layer is very thin and all those elements together make the walls well defined and intense.

They also use upholsteries and wrought iron railings that make everything rustic and elegant. Accessories are not their thing. They barely use them, but when they do, they use big elements like urns, pots, vases or decorative earthenware. Another kind of accessory often used in the Mediterranean style is lightning. If you know how to combine a good color with a well-placed light, you manage to create unbelievable views. Mosaics are also used on the walls, floors, or even tables.

Spanish interior design is mostly made of colors inspired from the surroundings: blue, green, white and brown. The warm nuances like red tile and orange play a major role in design, due to the great usage of tiles for floors and roofs. Rock and ceramic elements are also something usual in Spanish interior design. You can use it in your kitchen or in your bathroom, maybe in both. 

The furniture oscillates from simple and functional to formal and superficial. This is the effect of so many influences that changed Spanish interior design in time. Small pieces with many ornaments are also something new and interesting, but not extremely functional. They started to build those as furniture, but it could also be classified as accessory.

Spanish style is an excellent way to bring rustic, colorful elements in your house. The south of Spain is exactly what you need in order to have a warm and bright interior design. If you decide to decorate your house, you will have a lot of fun, because you will also adopt their Latin style where everyone is happy while working with a big smile on their faces.

The colors inspire live, energy, happiness and joy. It is exactly what anyone with a healthy mind and lifestyle needs in their lives. There is no secret that colors around you change your mood and personality. Family is very important for them and you will find many photos integrated in the interior design. Furthermore, another omnipresent element is the carpets: colorful and thick. These two elements cannot miss from your house.

If you decide to choose this style of interior design, you will manage to bring sun and joy inside your house, which is a great thing considering all the daily problems our society has to deal with. You will succeed to do so at a low cost, because Spanish specific elements are not very expensive.