Coastal Living Room Design Inspiration

If your living room serves multiple functions, built-in shelves could come in handy to organize books, picture frames, and trinkets – plus they provide much-needed storage space!

Coastal living room design doesn’t need to include deckchair stripes and seashells – it just needs an easygoing palette of soft blues and neutral hues that exudes relaxation and carefree cottage living.

Light and Airy

Coastal living rooms often exude an air of relaxation. Light colors and simple furnishings set the scene; linen-covered chairs, natural sisal rugs, and beach-inspired artwork evoke this look without overwhelming it.

A coastal color palette featuring blues and greens allows for lots of design flexibility. Bring the oceanic feeling inside with neutral wall colors like the sandy hues seen here from McDonald Jones Homes; throw pillows featuring stripes as well as low wood coffee tables help complete this look.

Decorating with a coastal aesthetic calls for using pieces made from reclaimed timber that has a worn and weathered appearance as decorative accents. From hanging an old door on the wall to using wooden chests as coffee tables, pieces that feature this distressed aesthetic are the ideal pieces to incorporate.

If your space allows, a slouchy sectional is an ideal addition. Pair it with comfortable window treatments and an informal rug, like ourlittleredbrickhome has done here in this coastal living room.

Seaside Memories

Seaside living rooms provide the ideal setting for coffee with friends, book club discussions, and family get-togethers. Soft couches, poufs and throw pillows invite guests to unwind in beach cottage-style ambiance while adding coastal charm with shell designs in vases, pillow covers or wall art is a stylish touch without overstating its theme.

Palettes featuring whites, beiges, and the lightest blue tones provide coastal living rooms with an inviting ambiance. Kate Marker Interiors used various hues of blue for both its double fireplace and furniture in an adjoining outdoor living room – blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Blue stripes of various widths and tones make an easy coastal decorating trick, reflecting its beachy environment while remaining fresh and easy to live with. Many coastal living rooms also include wooden furniture with warm hammered metal accents like this beach house from Curated Nest Interiors.


Driftwood home decor adds an oceanic vibe to coastal living room ideas. Use driftwood pieces to frame a mirror, create artwork or accent your coffee or dining table – even planters shaped like driftwood logs are an eye-catching way to incorporate them. Check out Creativeinchicago for some cool examples; an empty yogurt tub would do nicely for greenery!

If you want a subtle nautical theme, try mixing natural elements in soft seaside hues like pale to navy blues with driftwood and other natural textures for a relaxed seaside atmosphere.

Light oak flooring makes an elegant statement against driftwood furniture, but faux wood products like these oak effect vinyl tiles provide the same relaxing aesthetic without all of the maintenance requirements of real hardwood.

Sea Life

While nautical accents are essential in coastal decor, you don’t want to overwhelm your room with rope, lifebuoys, and driftwood. Instead, opt for some subtle nods, like this sitting room by Kepinteriors which features mermaid and starfish decor for personality without becoming over-themey.

If you prefer an understated coastal look, whitewashed walls, and pale linen furnishings provide a calming basis for your decor choices. Ticking stripe fabrics and pops of rusty orange add flair without making your space seem overdone.

An assortment of blue living room ideas is also easy to achieve. Tie-dye and batik patterns offer a modern take on nautical stripes while faded denim blue hues add carefree holiday cottage charm. Tongue-and-groove living room wall paneling ideas can also add coastal charm to your home; just be sure to include enough warm neutral colors so as to prevent an overwhelming sea of blue that feels cold and overwhelming.