Stunning Interior Design In Vacation Rental In Germany

If you are ever in Germany, in Rugen Island, you need to visit Strandwood House. This is basically a vacation rental but we can easily describe it as being a dream summerhouse. You will love the simple natural materials used, the interiors, the calm hues, the inclusion of a light of light and the lack of distractions. You gain access to bare necessities, a great view and a perfect setting to relax.

While many consider various locations that are far more exotic for a beach house getaway, Germany pops out of the crowd and offers this stunning option. From the outside, you will not be surprised. However, as soon as you step in, you will love all that is presented. Just take a look at the pictures. We are sure you will come to the same conclusion.

Not great for those that want a lot of luxury but if relaxation is a priority…