Decorating With Plants in Your Living Room

Plants add visual interest and an earthy vibe to any living room. Choose a combination of plants in different shades for an eye-catching display.

Try pairing tall fiddle leaf figs or monstera deliciosa plants in wall-mounted planters with Boston ferns in woven baskets for a lush display on your mantelpiece.

Wall-Mounted Planters

Wall-mounted planters offer an alternative to traditional pots that is sure to add plants into unused spaces and corners. With designs featuring modern geometric styles or boho macrame hangers, wall-mounted planters provide an eye-catching alternative for planting up any room in your home or office.

Plants add texture to any room and pair well with all styles of decor, so be creative by pairing different shapes and textures for added visual interest. For example, pair ponytail palm leaves with round greenery for a visually striking combination!

Wall-mounted terrariums make an elegant planter choice, housing all kinds of greens, ferns, succulents, and cacti in one beautiful space. There are stylish yet cost-effective models online or make one yourself with some glass bowls from dollar stores and some faux floral stems from craft stores for an impressive piece of living art that’s sure to draw the eye.

Plant Baskets

No matter the style or vibe you want to achieve in your room, planters are an invaluable addition. Hanging planters are a perfect solution for smaller rooms with limited shelf space or hanging pots can add texture to the wall decor of rooms with limited shelf space. Macrame or leather hanging planters make great wall displays of air plants, a string of pearls, or succulents while small terra cotta pots can grow trailing plants like ivy or fern – their clippings also make great wall decor!

Tabletop plants can add visual interest and visual balance to any living room by being displayed in unique planters. A fiddle leaf fig tree, monstera plant, palm tree, or dracaena could all make stunning centerpieces in their own pot or an eye-catching decorative basket for maximum visual impact.

Plant Stands

Plant collectors know the ideal way to display their greenery is on a stand that gives each one its own place of honor. This simple piece made of solid, kiln-dried poplar shows natural wood grain color variations while its open structure and slatted shelf design allow air circulation.

Place a plant stand on your coffee or end tables for eye-catching natural decor that’s easy to style. Fill it with popular houseplants such as fiddle-leaf fig, dracaena, or monstera for an organic aesthetic that suits any room in your house.

Add variety to your plant arrangements with a wooden plant shelf featuring multiple tiers that allow you to showcase different plant heights at various levels. Geebobo offers five tiers that accommodate plants of varying sizes. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to move around until you find an area suitable for your greenery.

Hanging Plants

Even if your green thumb is less than ideal, there are still ways you can add plants to your living room decor. Larger plants like fiddle leaf figs, monsters, or palms make ideal candidates for planters on stands that keep them off the floor and out of reach of small hands or pets.

Macrame hanging planters are an elegant way to showcase air plants and strings of pearls without taking up too much table space. Glass terrariums or geometric air plant holders also add visual interest when placed on shelves or mantles.

Make an impressionable statement with a green wall created from different planters and species at various heights, mixing tall varieties at the top with shorter planters on the middle and bottom rows for an impressive multi-dimensional display that will leave guests speechless! You could even get creative and hang carnivorous plants from your ceiling for an eye-catching touch that is easy to maintain!