Tesla Solar Roof – Cheaper And Stronger Than Regular Roof Tiles

Tesla’s eco-friendly solar roof tiles are officially more affordable than regular roof tiles, just six months after being announced. Orders are now possible and the price is only $21.85 per square foot. This is around 20% lower than normal roof tiles. We do not even have to think about energy savings to figure out that this is a great deal.

Experts initially said that the price needs to be around $25 per square foot if Tesla homes to be competitive with regular roofing materials. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, easily managed to offer that and even went lower.

The new solar roof tiles are using glass put over photovoltaic substrate for the manufacture of the roof tile. There is no longer a need to add something on the tile since you basically get to use the Tesla roof tiles to build your roof. The previous aesthetic concerns associated with solar panel adoption basically disappeared. After the success of the Tesla electric car, the solar tiles seem to be another great product offered.


4 solar roof tiles are going to be available: Smooth, Textured, Slate and Tuscan. You can now order textured black glass and grey smooth and the other 2 will be shipped at the beginning of 2018. Installation of these solar tiles will take a maximum of 7 days and Tesla will actually take care of it for you.

When you pay $6,500 more you also receive the Powerwall 2.0 battery storage device. This includes a special built-in converter that is linked with the electrical system of the home. You want to consider this option since it takes the house off the power grid and gives access to 100% renewable solar energy. To make matters even better, the solar tiles have a LIFETIME warranty.

Tesla Solar Roof has been tested and is stronger than the regular roofing tiles you would use for your home, being perfect even for the wild weather regions where you often get to fight flying debris.

This new roof tile option can drastically change the entire architectural industry. While we only have access to a few design options, if the success is as high as it should be, given the price tag, new options are going to be designed for sure.