Instagram Moments In Brooklyn Clothing And Record Store

Record label Fool’s Gold has a Brooklyn store that was recently renovated thanks to the work of Family New York. The result is a delight, with so many Instagram Moments that you can have just by walking through. Fool’s Gold Store sells both records and branded clothing. This includes hats, sportswear, phone cases, CDs, vinyls and bags.

Renowned DJ A-Trak founded the label that recently celebrated 10 years in the business. The Brooklyn store meant an evolution as the label moved to a larger physical location. Family New York worked on a 500 square feet area trying to create something different than any other record store.


In an interview with Deezen A-Trak said:

“None of our peer labels have brick and mortar spaces like this. If anything. Lately everyone’s been doing pop-ups. We wanted a permanent space. Even in clothing, a lot of stores are using the same tropes: white box, exposed wood, lots of plants. We wanted to stand out from that.”

As you can easily see from the images, this was a true success. The Brooklyn record and clothing store instantly stands out. It is different, fresh and takes advantage of modern interior design in an industry where everything seems to be old.