The $100 Automatic Trash Can That Made 22,000 People Happy

Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can 3

Reducing waste with composting and recycling is something that is more and more important for people from all around the world but not much can be done when it comes to trash. Our trash never looks great in a kitchen. The iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can is a solution to this common problem we all have.

What is instantly visible with the trash can is that its design is touchless. This means that you never have to touch the lid. There is a smell-absorbing filter that removes all the nasty smells and you can buy the can for just $100.

iTouchless has 22,000 positive reviews, with an overall rating of 4.3, which is quite a lot for a trash can, even if it is a little expensive. The big difference is in the design. You do not have to lift the lid or step on the pedal. There is an infrared sensor included that is capable of detecting movement when at a distance of 6 inches.

Just think about cooking. How many times you had to throw something away and this stopped everything because you had to re-wash your hands? Now you have an automatic trash can that you can use to remove this unwanted nasty situation, together with the smells that are oftentimes associated with a trash can.

As a default setting, the lid stays open for 5 seconds. You can modify this to suit your needs. Also, a manual option does exist, all with a very wide opening that makes it very simple to take out and put in trash bags. All while not much floor space is occupied. And, you only need 4 AA batteries to make the trash can work for 1 year. An upgrade for constant continuous power is possible.

While this is definitely not the only automatic trash can you can buy right now, it is available on Amazon for extra convenience and we have to say that it is the best-looking, with its fingerprint-proof surface and stainless steel finish.

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