The Dry Mountain Gas Stove – Easy Cleaning, Space Saving and Great Looking

The Dry Mountain Gas Stove is very interesting since it was inspired by Buddhist and Japanese landscape gardens. We see a design completely dominated by soft, curved forms. You just look at it and it calms you.

At the same time, the stove offers more countertop space, all due to those rounded edges. There is a strong visual feature in the wavy resting plate, which also allows for really easy cleaning. All you need is a cloth and a swooping action and you are done cleaning the stove.

The Dry Mountain Gas Stove was designed by Shen Wenjiao, designer and owner of SoSo Studio, and it won the 2019 Red Dot Design Concept Award. According to Wenjiao:

“The bottom plate’s distinctive wave pattern is inspired by the ‘rocks’ and ‘rivers’ of Japanese dry landscape gardens. The curvature of each wave was precisely calculated to prevent boiling water from overflowing to the countertop. Wiping oil off the cooktop is also easier than conventional gas stoves, thanks to the wavy surface. The burner is designed with zero dead angles, preventing any debris from being trapped. Similarly, the iron-formed pot bracket references the curves of flower petals, making it easier to sweep debris away.”

In order to easily maximize countertop space, the stove’s bottom plate is completely rounded off. You can easily save 20% of the space but at the same time you also soften form.

On the whole, this is a beautifully-designed gas stove that would fit perfectly in many modern kitchens, especially those where space is really important.