The Best Furniture For Guest Rooms

No matter if it’s an exclusively guest room or multipurpose space that doubles as an office or playroom, certain pieces work great in all kinds of bedrooms. The best furniture for guests strikes an equilibrium between function and style to help visitors relax comfortably while staying at home.

Comfortable Beds

Beds are essential pieces of guest room furniture. A comfortable mattress will ensure that overnight guests get restful slumber that helps them rest after travel and feel rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Your guests need the best night’s rest possible when visiting. From twin beds for spare rooms, queen-size or full-size mattresses and bunks that double sleeping capacity without taking up additional floor space – to quality mattresses designed specifically to address their sleeping needs – ensure your guests can rest well with quality mattresses that suit them. If they frequently suffer from back or spine pain, opt for firm mattresses with features such as memory foam and cooling gel for optimal relaxation.

An inexpensive storage bench at the foot of the bed is another versatile piece of guest bedroom furniture. Not only can it serve as seating when putting on shoes, but also it provides a place to store blankets, pillows and other linens when not in use. Make sure there are extra towels and a water carafe on hand so your guests can refresh themselves at any time during their stay.


Whatever style you favor – modern, farmhouse, coastal or traditional decor – bring it into spare spaces with comfortable seating that adds character. Bedroom benches provide seating and can tuck away items like luggage and blankets while plush accent chairs can also help set a relaxing tone at night for reading or relaxing purposes.

If your guest room doubles as an office, select versatile furniture to meet both purposes. A hidden Murphy bed, for instance, can serve both functions well: guests can either work on their laptops during the daytime hours or indulge themselves with a glass of wine in the morning!

Don’t overlook the small things that will help your guests feel welcome, such as a trash can and an easy-to-reach carafe of water. Be sure to keep extra blankets and pillows stashed away in the closet for those who like sleeping warm or require different types of support, and also consider having extra linens and bath towels on hand in case any unexpected visitors arrive unexpectedly.

Multifunctional Furniture

Your guest room or spare bedroom should be as versatile as possible, which means incorporating multipurpose furniture pieces that increase its functionality. Sleeper sofas transform easily from couches into beds for overnight guests; or choose twin beds that combine seating and sleeping together like trundle beds or storage beds to maximize flexibility and accommodate extra guests easily.

A woven chair like this one adds texture and works in multiple design styles – from boho to coastal to Scandi. Furthermore, this piece can fit easily under desks or beds in smaller rooms.

A vanity with a mirror is an indispensable piece of guest bedroom furniture, serving double duty as both a dressing table and mirror for morning preparations. A wall-mounted vanity can help make the most of limited closet or drawer storage in your guest bedroom.


Furniture pieces for a guest room should go beyond adding aesthetic appeal; they should also add functionality, making it easier to meet guests’ various needs.

Consider placing a luggage rack at the foot of your bed to allow guests to store their belongings without touching or dusting off the bedding, as well as providing ample drawers in a chest or dresser for more storage needs. Additional blankets and pillows, as well as music streaming through the clock radio and water in a carafe, are other simple touches that make an impactful statement about hospitality.

Small spaces often benefit from having twin-size pullout chairs or sofa sleepers as an efficient solution for increasing sleeping capacity without increasing floor footprints. Offering guests comfortable seating during the day that becomes a bed at night is an ideal way of creating an oasis of restful sleeping environments for visitors, as these sleepers come in various materials to meet a range of sleeping preferences.