Vintage Bathroom Design Inspiration

Vintage bathroom design is timeless and transcends trends. Matthew Carter created this classic bathroom featuring a powder blue clawfoot tub, seagrass furniture and artwork from another era reminiscent of another period.

Add vintage floral prints to fabric curtains and wallpaper for a subtle retro aesthetic without compromising functionality. Or upcycle antique furniture into characterful washstands with cross-handle taps.

Shaker Vanities

Shaker vanities have recently received considerable acclaim due to their versatility in suiting various bathroom styles. Originating in the 18th century among religious communities who valued humility and simplicity when designing furniture and cabinetry for religious communities, today shaker cabinets add timeless sophistication to bathroom remodel projects.

Shaker cabinets offer an elegant way to transition between flat-front cabinets that appear very contemporary and more traditional raised panel cabinets that harken back centuries, which make them an excellent choice for transitional designs. Here, their simple frame complements the herringbone tile backsplash perfectly.

For something truly modern, try installing a floating vanity with clean lines and an elegant profile. This vanity leaves more space on the floor while being easier to keep clean. Open-shelving vanities are another popular choice among contemporary bathrooms because they allow you to showcase a variety of decor while still offering ample storage options.

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs add an air of luxury and elegance to any bathroom, with their ornate feet and curvier silhouettes making a statement in any setting. When searching for your ideal clawfoot tub, look out for ones with slipper tub features such as flared feet or flared sides like shoes – these add another element of style that works especially well when combined with vintage fixtures and accents.

Classic white or off-white tiles pair beautifully with clawfoot tubs, as do those that imitate natural stone surfaces. Dark hues ranging from deep blues to burgundies provide an exciting background for this timeless fixture.

An effective vintage bathroom idea involves decorating with items that evoke the past, such as this bathroom’s handmade ladder and beat-up table double as towel racks. At the same time, the wooden tray spans the tub for holding shampoo bottles and other necessities. Combining old and new elements such as an antique dresser mounted as vanity, an eye-catching wall mirror and antique dresser hanging as a vanity, and an intriguing wrought-iron light fixture is another way to bring history and character into this space.

Vintage Fixtures

Retro bathroom accessories can add the perfect finishing touches to any bathroom space, while simultaneously supporting its theme. From lush area rugs and shower curtains with frills, to decorative towel racks adorned with vintage flair – vintage bathroom accessories will take the chill off white fixtures while adding color against beadboard walls.

Salvage yards, secondhand centers and specialty retailers offer an abundance of antique and reproduction fixtures that can instantly inject an old-world charm into any bathroom. A vintage porthole serves as a mirror frame while a factory stool with a weathered patina can serve as a vanity bench.

Add vintage-style linens as an economical way to create the desired vintage aesthetic in any bathroom. Luxurious cotton towels with fringes or elegant lace top and bottom designs add comfort while taking the eye away from plain white fixtures. Using towel racks made from old picture frames or other vintage-inspired items as towel hooks adds another historical element into the space and highlights these textiles beautifully.

Vintage Accessories

Details make a big difference when bringing vintage bathroom ideas to life, so cotton towels and bathmats with fringes or elegant lace top-and-bottom designs can add warmth, softness, and vintage style. For something subtler yet colorful try adding a basin skirt – fabric panels that hang below the sink – as a way to tie together all of the linens you have added for vintage flair and add an unexpected splash of color!

Dark colors for walls and floors are another simple way to bring vintage vibes into the bathroom. Dusky neutrals with natural pigments set a soothing, relaxing mood that allows vintage accents to stand out. Layer patterned fabrics for an inviting vintage aesthetic. A plush area rug, flirty ruffled curtains, and an old ladder-turned towel rack all help add texture and pattern while breaking up crisp lines of white fixtures.