The Douglas House by RISE Design Studio

From the moment we saw RISE Design Studio’s Douglas House dressed in Danish timber and with a really warm living space interior, we had to present it on Home Vanities. This house instantly stands out and even if it has 3 stories, you do not actually notice that.

The ground floor goes into the garden and includes family rooms. There is also a utility room included and it is perfectly designed. Then, on the first floor you can find the children’s rooms. They are decorated with numerous natural materials. Also, on the first floor there is a family bathroom that allows natural light to make you feel great while taking a bath.

The master bedroom is housed by a loft conversion. The space is dreamy and has perfect storage solutions included. There is also a second half-floor extending upwards allow you to gaze outside right through the roof. Basically, there are different unique personal spaces set up, all to offer a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

What is quite interesting is that this house is air-tight. It comes with an MVHR unit that offers great temperature and ventilation. Fresh filtered air is put into the building while a lot of energy is projected throughout the interior because of the many textures used.

Every single space in the Douglas House is unique. This makes the most of the day-to-day beauty of the exterior and offers all that you would expect in a house, ranging from bedrooms to living rooms.