Kiev Compact Apartment Features Glass-Enclosed Bedroom

Sometimes it takes just simplicity and one great feature to create a wonderful apartment. This is exactly the case with this 45 square meters compact apartment located right in the middle of Kiev, Russia. Designers MARTIN Architects created this for clients that wanted to use the apartment for renting to others.

The requirement for this project was to get a space that is completely functional and visually appealing, all drawing the people that would be interested in renting a smaller apartment. Every single necessary function was properly designed, all with the integration of the popular modern open space layout. Light use is perfect so the entire apartment looks larger.


What is particularly interesting was the partitioning of the bedroom. The architects chose framed glass. Light will go right through it and offers some privacy if you just close the curtains. We can say that the kitchen is also pretty interesting. That brick outfit looks great on its own but making it black is simply much better due to the contrast with the light wood floor.

We are sure you will like the images below, just as we loved them.