The Fresh Canberra Classic Design Trends In New Homes

Home buyers are constantly changing. We all know that. Right now, the big trend around the world is the need to get more practically included in the interior design. We clearly see this in the new-built houses.

To put it as simple as possible, buyers in Canberra right now want to see more features so that it is easier for them to enjoy their life and live. Basically, we see blocks becoming smaller and smaller. At the same time, people want more out of these blocks.

We can say that this means two-storey buildings become popular and there is a demand for quality internal lifts, especially when looking at downsizers. Fortunately, the prices to incorporate these lifts into the new buildings is much more affordable, starting at around $50,000.

When talking to Alison Duffy, one of the highly experienced buyers agent in Canberra, she highlighted that she noticed pantries constantly gaining popularity. This is because this is a great space to hide meal preparation activity and appliances. At the same time, we see en suites being incorporated into the guest bedrooms.

Another trend that we see in Canberra, ACT, Australia, is the shift of the buyer towards fit-out details. In the past years, we saw a very interesting industrial chic dominating interior design trends. However, right now we see the clear return to more glamour. This includes luxurious finishes, like silvers, and golds. We see bathrooms and kitchens focused on such extra bling.

It is important to highlight that there are also different practical inclusions that became popular. The best example is the mud room. It is normal to see this since a space where you can just drop off your gear as you go into the house’s main core makes sense. We even see interesting things when we talk about outside entertainment. As a simple highlight, pizza ovens are being installed. This is because they can easily double as stunning open fireplaces.

To sum up a little, when you look at the Canberra real estate trends, we can clearly see three things that stand out:

  • Practicality – Interesting new-build inclusions (as the mentioned two-storey buildings) are opening up the real estate market to the downsizers. With mud rooms we have access to convenient drop zones for shoes, wet clothes, and so on.
  • MultiPurposing – With internal rooms, they can be configured for different purposes, including a home office, theatre room, another bedroom, and hobby room. This helps to maximize the space used.
  • Automation – Home buyers demand pre-wiring so that more home automation is possible in the future. For instance, we can see devices that will lower and raise blinds, then activate lights, and many other home appliances.