7 Tips To Choose A Stunning Bathroom Vanity

A brand new bathroom vanity can easily revamp the entire space, all without having to invest in a complete remodel. At the same time, the new bathroom vanity will add some extra storage, which is always something that homeowners want.


Picking a stunning bathroom vanity is not difficult, in theory. In practice, there are countless options that are available so you want to be sure that you choose something that is perfect for you. The following tips will help you to achieve just that.

Size And Proportions

This is always very important if you want to select an appropriate bathroom vanity. You need to think about what is adequate and especially think about the size. As an example, will you swap out the old vanity due to the fact that it is too small? Do you want to add one to a small powder room and actually need something that would fit?

Standard vanity cabinet sizes are 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches. This is what you find in most stores. However, there are also some that are smaller, around 14 inches wide and some that are much wider, around 72 inches.

Standard vanity depth is normally around 20 inches, but there are some that have a lower depth.

It Is Really Important You Measure Well

Average Master Bathroom Vanity Size – Vanity Ideas in Standard Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Dimensions – Churchsttavern.com

After deciding what the idea bathroom vanity size is, you need to think about clearance. This is important for opening doors, drawers and even shower stalls. It is horrible to have a beautiful vanity that is bumped into by doors. If you have problems with measuring, use painter’s tape. This guarantees you get the dimensions right.

Don’t Forget About Your Sink

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There are many different types of sinks that you can use, like drop-in sinks, integrated sinks, undermount sinks and vessel bowls. Similarly to the actual vanity cabinet, the sink comes in various types, shapes, depths and sizes. The vanity cabinet you choose might actually need a type of sink and can sometimes even come with one. Make sure that you carefully read product details before the selection is made.

How Many Sinks Do You Need?

Few people think about this but remember that more sinks are always better than just one. 2 sinks can easily help in the morning, especially if the family is large. Countertop space can also be reduced. Is the double sink a really good idea if you have lower countertop space? Or do you need one sink and more surface space?

Easy Cleaning And Storage

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These two have to be prioritized. There are usually some common ways to mount the vanity:

  • Freestanding – A standard that usually offers more storage.
  • Wall-mounted – Cabinets are longer and stay right on the floor.

There are also corner-mounted vanities you want if you have to add the vanity in a corner.

Remember that extra storage is definitely nice but freestanding vanities are always really hard to clean.

Your Plumbing Counts

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When you install the new vanity, there is plumbing work that is necessary. You need to think about the existing plumbing. Normally, the freestanding vanities are forgiving for all irregularities and just need some minimal alterations. It is easy to add and connect to your drain or water supply.

With the wall-mounted vanity, flexibility is lower. Moving plumbing hookups is needed. You have to be aware of the fact that this automatically increases costs.

Do Not Forget About The Faucet

Last but not least, faucets do not always come with that shiny vanity you love. If this is the case, you need coordination and research. When you have to buy the sink and the faucet separately, note faucet holes and the distance between them. These have to be considered when the faucets are bought.

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