The Maldives Hotel Where You Can Sleep On The Ocean In A Hammock

Would an open water hammock be a great luxury amenity?

Luxury amenities are always desired in luxury hotels and in exotic tourist destinations like the Maldives. You want to get some spa treatments done and those little extras like chocolate on the pillow when you enter the room do make a difference.


To put it as simple as possible, luxury resorts from all around the world do all that they can in order to offer something unique and Grand Park Kodhipparu is a resort that manages exactly that: open water hammocks.

Practically, we are talking about a hammock in which you can sleep, relax, unwind and have a great time on the water.

Grand Park Kodhipparu is a stunning resort that is located close to Male. It is accessible through a twenty minutes boat ride.

Once you reach the resort, your doors are opened to 120 villas. They are built in order to help you be a part of nature, as much as possible. All of the villas have numerous luxurious amenities and features. However, it is the built-in hammocks that make everything special.

A Perfect Day On The Water

Picture this: you take a cup of coffee in the morning to enjoy. Then, you want to get an afternoon nap or read a good book. When the sunset comes, you want to just watch it and enjoy it. All of these can be done in a hammock right above the ocean.

If you want to, it is even possible to sleep in these hammocks for the entire night, right on the ocean. Talk about a unique experience.

Speaking about the villas that are available at the resort, there are many to consider, based on the exact type of experience you want to have. The ocean water villa offers incredible ocean views. The lagoon water villa is secluded and remote. If you want more, there are even some that have a swimming pool just for the people in the villa.

Luxury villas with all you want

Villas do include sun terraces, outdoor showers, indoor showers, sun loungers, glass floors and more. You would need to pay around $400 per night but the amenities you get are definitely top-notch.

As you can easily imagine, Grand Park Kodhipparu is a great spot for people that have money, influencers and even travel bloggers. Seriously consider the experience for a private villa and those beautiful hammocks.