Designing The Perfect Conservatory

Before beginning the construction of your conservatory, you should ask yourself a few questions. Traditionally a conservatory was a glass building that was attached to the main house.

Today isn`t clear if there are differences between a conservatory, orangery, sunroom or garden room. In London, the legal definition of a conservatory is a building with at least 75% of its roof and 50% of its sidewall glazed with some translucent materials.

The idea of tending plants without actually living the house is a great one and a hugely attractive proposition for a lot of people. You will have to deal with these questions early in order to avoid doing some mistakes when you start designing this conservatory.

  1. Use

You will first have to think how you will use this conservatory. Do you want to relax here or you would like to make a garden? Do you want to build a conservatory only for admiring a group of plants such as tropical ones? The next thing you should ask after these questions will be the layout and proportions you will be needing. You will also have to think where is the best suited place for the conservatory.

  1. Design

Your end result should be a well-proportioned conservatory that will fit its purpose. You will have to sacrifice a part of your garden in order to build your conservatory. You should keep in mind that the design is a very important step because you have to link the outside conditions with the inside ones.

You should choose size of planting beds, furniture and even accessories when you start designing your conservatory. These dimensions will determinate the final proportions of your structure. Keep in mind that the best views need to be incorporated so you should think where this conservatory should be placed.

As for architecture, the conservatory should be in the same style of your home. They need to make minimal impact on your home.

  1. Aspect

A south-facing conservatory may seem to be the obvious choice when building one. Although it may seem to be a great idea, especially in mid-summer the sun`s rays will be magnified and they can burn through the glass. The air will become hot and dry and no plant will like this environment. It will also encourage disease and pests to spread.

Some experts say that there are better results when the conservatory is built on the north sides of people`s homes.

  1. Glazing

Solar-controlled glass can help minimize the temperature of the room and control the glare. Lanterns and colored glass can create some additional interest to the conservatory.

Experts say that the best you can do is to keep the things as simple as you can. Natural glass won`t reflect furniture and will allow you to get a clear view.

  1. Ventilation

You will need a well-designed ventilation system in order to assure that the atmosphere is comfortable. Roof vents are really essential in releasing a build-up of hot air.