The Very First Thing You Have To Do After You Buy A Home

Buying a home is a really important moment in the life of any person in the world. Then, you obviously start to think about various things, like decorating, unpacking and renovating. All of these are very important things for the individual but there is something else that is much more important than this and that is often forgotten.

No matter what you might think, the first thing to do after you buy the brand new home is:

Change Home Locks

All experts agree that it is better to be safe when it comes to locks. You will get peace of mind when you know that the previous owners, their friends, family and neighbors do not have keys to your home.

Unfortunately, many buyers think that this is just an exaggeration but there are countless stories about horrific incidents that could have been avoided by simply changing the locks.

On Reddit, for instance, there are stories you may want to learn about. An example:

“When my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment, this guy apparently didn’t get the memo that the previous tenant had moved, and he unlocked the door, holding a bag of groceries, and stared dumbfounded at us as he slowly backed up and closed the door again.”

This is a good situation. One that is not so good is:

“I lost a $14k engagement ring because some maintenance guy who previously worked on the property for Fannie May made a copy of the key.”

As a renter, you also have options. You can talk to the landlord and ask to install a deadbolt or a door chain for some extra security. Also, the main unit locks can always be changed. If the apartment owner says no, offer to pay the bill and there is a much higher possibility he/she will change his/her mind.

Even if changing locks is an extra expense, it does do wonders at making the home more secure. You can also upgrade the security of the entire home through this simple step.