Tonal – The World’s Most Intelligent Fitness System For Your Home

Tonal home gym

Weightlifting equipment found in most gyms is mechanical, bulky and quite ugly. It simply does not fit in most modern homes. Tonal is different. It is small and incredibly-compact. Although it does have a base price of $2,995 and you would need to pay more over time due to monthly subscription for workout content, it is something that fits in literally any home.

Tonal is a strength training device. It uses a special engine that creates the resistance needed for workouts. You will not see heavy metal disks. Tonal simply looks like a flat vertical TV set.

When you want to work out, you just pull out 2 adjustable arms and you turn on the smart workout device. This allows you to perform over 200 different exercises, all while on-screen trainers tell you exactly what you have to do.

Tonal can pre-set weights for all exercises, with a resistance of up to 200 pounds. As expected from a smart device, progress is tracked and cataloged as you squat, lift, curl and more.

This video tells you more about Tonal.

Tonal is a very interesting home workout device that includes really smart engineering. The great thing about it is the re-imagining of workout machines. Instead of having large, bulky items, Tonal is sleek and beautiful.

What we particularly liked is that early users were taken into account. Their feedback led to the final design that is in place right now. For instance, it led to making the screen really large. This offers better access to the custom workout content available.

One feature that we particularly loved is the fact that the device is so smart that it can figure out when you struggle with the exercise. This is when it actually spots you so that little extra strength workout edge is automatically gained. You do not even need someone to help you deal with heavier weights.

Obviously, 200 pounds is not enough for some people. However, it is more than enough for most. Also, the exercises included and possible are numerous. You can easily find something to do and never actually get bored with your workout routines. All this with just a device that looks like a large TV on your wall. Things cannot get more convenient.

As already mentioned, Tonal is $2,995. Besides this, you pay a monthly subscription plan of $49. This gives access to workout content. If you need even more, you need to buy an extension kit that costs $495. This gives access to more exercises, a bench and a sensor-laden bar.

If you need to have someone install Tonal for you, it will cost $250.