Pool Supplies You Need

pool supplies you need

Pool owners quickly realize the there is so much more to this than just having fun with friends and family. Pool supplies are mandatory, just like proper maintenance. You need to properly take care of a pool to have the paradise you want.

Practicing really good pool maintenance is practically impossible when you lack the proper tools. You should focus on getting the essentials and then move from there. Starting with the following is a really good idea.

Water Test Strips

JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips – 100 Strip Pack, Test pH, Chlorine, Bromine, Hardness and More, Accurate 6-in-1 Swimming Pool Water Testing – $14.98 on Amazon

Water testing is very important. You need to test water at least one timer per week. This allows you to know exactly when chemicals are needed so that you do not end up with countless algae and bacteria in your pool.

If you do not want to use pool water test strips, you can go to the pool supply store. Someone there should be able to test the water for you. However, this does tend to be quite expensive. It is simply cheaper, easier and faster to use pool water test strips you buy online and more common than more niched products.

Algae Brush

Milliard 10 inch Wide Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Pool Algae Brush – $10.99 on Amazon

Whenever algae appear on the surface of the pool, you need to scrub it off. The algae brush is what helps you to do this. It normally includes stainless steel bristles that can break algae and its hold on steps or walls. This helps you to save quite a lot of time.

Stainless steel brushes for pool algae are very good when you have a concrete pool and the nylon bristle pools brush is great for the vinyl liners so that damage is not created.

Manual Vacuum

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner – $168 on Amazon

Similarly to the algae brush, the manual vacuum helps a lot with algae infestation. After brushing algae with the brush, you have to remove it. The fastest way to do this is to use a manual vacuum.

Besides getting rid of algae, the manual vacuum for your pool can bypass the filtration system. If faced with flocculant debris or storm debris, you can remove these without having to worry about them causing pool damage.

Some people will prefer the automatic vacuums for pools but they are not as great as manual vacuums. When you use the manual ones, you can easily find spaces that are really hard-to-reach.

Telescoping Pole

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Twist-Lock Swimming Pool Vacuum Pole – $33 on Amazon

The telescoping pole allows you to extend a pole, just like you would use a regular telescope. You can easily reach the pool’s depth without bending. This pool tool is versatile. In fact, it allows you to use it for your manual vacuum, pool brush and pool skimmer.

The telescoping ability of this pole is the right benefit. Based on pool width, you do not have to keep walking around it. You just lengthen and shorten the pole, as needed.

Multi-Purpose Pool Surface Cleaner

HTH Non-Toxic Multi-Purpose Swimming Pool Chemical Cleaner- 32 Oz Bottle (12-Pack) – $35 on Amazon

In a pool, you can easily end up with algae and bacteria as they are drawn in by body oils and other potential food sources. Water chemistry does help a lot at keeping contaminants away but you need to go through regular cleaning.

You should have a multi-purpose, mild cleaner for your pool and use it whenever needed. It helps you to wipe down all the exposed parts, like the pool ladder, which is rarely actually cleaned during regular pool cleaning sessions.

Never choose pool cleaners that are harsh.

Filter Cleaners

Filter Flosser-The Most Powerful Filter Cleaning Tool – $25.95 on Amazon

A huge part of pool water health is about how the filter works. Even if you do all you can to clean your pool, grime and dirt do build up inside the filter. This is simply unavoidable. In some cases, it is actually beneficial to have some dirt as it acts like a secondary filtration layer. However, this does not mean you should not clean your pool filters.

Make sure you have a proper pool filter cleaning schedule in place. This is based on how often the pool is used and filter type. Pressure gauges and water clarities determine if filters need cleaning. When cleaning is not possible, the filter has to be replaced.

Pool Covers

Pool cover example – Find many on Amazon

When you do not like using pool skimmers, the pool cover is an absolute necessity. This helps you to so easily remove debris as it never actually reaches the water.

When winter comes, it takes so many chemicals to maintain proper water clarity. Pool covers just stand out as being a lot better. Water level changes do not happen.