Turning An Oak Stump Into An Exterior Design Masterpiece

Fred Kitto showed people on Hometalk what he did when he was left with a stump in his yard and what he did with it was quite creative and interesting. The background story is one that is really familiar for many homeowners that have a larger yard.


In Kitto’s backyard there was a Burr Oak that was 136 years old. Unfortunately, because of a strong drought, the tree died. It was cut and the result was a thick stump with a height of 15 feet and 44 inches. While most people would have done everything that was possible to remove it, Fred created a great sculpture.


This is how the tree looked like as work was being done on it.

the-oak-stump-woodworking-projects 3

Since Halloween means decorations, the stump was turned into a huge ghost.

the-oak-stump-woodworking-projects 4

If it is Christmas, decorations make the stump great at night.

As you can see, with a little bit of creativity, anything can turn into a focal point, even in your yard.