Under – Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant By Shohetta

Under was just launched, with it being the largest underwater restaurant in the world and the very first one in Europe. All this thanks to the work of Shohetta. The restaurant is located in Baly, Norway, with an entrance right from the shoreline.

Shohetta designed the restaurant so that it looks just like a periscope, being capable of seating 40 people in almost 500 square meters. All this being fronted by panoramic windows that allow you to see marine life.


In an interview for Deezen, Under lead architect Rune Grasdal, declared:

For most of us, this is a totally new world experience. It’s not an aquarium, it’s the wildlife of the North Sea. That makes it much more interesting. It takes you directly in the wilderness. If the weather is bad, it’s very rough. It’s a great experience, and to sit here and be safe, allowing the nature so close into you. It’s a very romantic and nice experience.

Just as you can see from the images, Under’s interior design is really simple. All is based on a large concrete tube that allows you to enter the restaurant. Its exterior is rugged, exposed, so that molluscs and algae are attracted. This will create a reef that will bring in more marine life.

Photographs by: Ivar Kvaal