How To Use Wood In Modern Interior Design

We all love this material. People started to use wood in house construction for a reason. It is accessible and it keeps the house warm.

Solid wood has a unique character, offering personality to the entire house. If it is well processed, it can survive many generations. This is why more and more house owners include in their arranging plans furniture made of lasting wood. Its diversity creates flexibility for any interior designer. It can bring a rustic effect incorporated in a modern design.

Wood Based Interior Design
Wood Based Interior Design

Wood possesses a powerful expression that has a positive influence over our spirit state. This is why this material is the first preference when it comes to design. On the other hand, massive deforestation is not our friend and it can have many side effects. In order to protect the environment, wood industry would rather transform the existing wood to protect the forests.

Designers and producers are paying attention to the wood that grows in their own country, because it is easier to be replaced with new trees. This also helps at reducing the damages.


Types of wood and its characteristics:

  • Birch is not very recommended for the floor, because it is a softer material which makes it sensitive and picky. It has a light color and it is highly indicated for the walls;
  • Maple can be polished easily. This is why it can be used in any room in every circumstance, because it is a functional material that lasts a long period of time;
  • Beech is a strong wood. It has different nuances, starting with delicate yellow and ending with red. This type of wood is one of the strongest, hardest and roughest materials. It is used mostly in furniture and floors, because of its durability;
  • Oak wood had always been in trend. It is ideal for the floor and it is very resistant to any kind of weather. You can know its age by the specific circles and the color varies from beige to honey color;
  • Alder wood is very flexible, soft and easy to cut. It can be processed easily, especially when it comes to sculptures;
  • Spruce wood is proper for dressing the walls. It is soft and it can give a warm and comfortable atmosphere;
  • Ash is definitely best used in furniture. The wood of this tree has a yellow nuance and it looks really good when it is combined with a modern style;
  • Pine is a material that has a pleasant smile. This wood has a yellow or red color and it has a special effect in any kind of room. Pine is able to make any design look modern and noble;
  • Cherry wood is very elegant. Due to its red and shiny color, it is best used in furniture. It can never get too old and furniture made of this wood is always highly appreciated;
  • Fir is good for anything. It has a white or yellow color that can sometimes have gray accent or even violet. The color will get darker if it is exposed at light. Fir is used as construction material, doors, window frames, stairs and even furniture.