Warm Industrial Design

Industrial design is the perfect fit for you if you are a nonconformist that likes to combine vintage elements with industrial objects and innovative materials. You might not want old objects in your house, but you can buy new ones that imitate perfectly this style and reproduce its specific atmosphere.

Your house foundation, the beams, the bricks, metal objects and other elements related to constructions can be used to create an industrial interior design. When it comes to industrial design, we usually tend to think of cold colors like grey, black, brick-red, that don’t really make you feel comfortable when you think of it, but they can be quite interesting and elegant. You can also combine them with warm colors that can be added through decoration.

Source: Hepok.com
Source: Hepok.com

This style of interior arrangements evolved a lot during 19th century when many factories had been abandoned. The specialists explored the idea of open space, the height and acoustic of this type of space and came to the conclusion that it can be used in interior design.

The industrial style fits to large, open spaces, but it could be incorporated in any house. The texture of the wood, concrete walls and bricks can easily be used for wallpapers and decorative painting that exist on the market.

The old wood aspect can be used for the floor or even for the furniture and walls. A wooden table with an old aspect gives a vintage air besides the industrial one. In factories, the system pipes and the ventilation pipes were not cover, given the fact that they only had a practical purpose and nothing more. In interior design, we don’t recommend the ventilation system and pipes to be left uncovered, especially when the room is a bit small.

Source: Interiorsigndesign.com
Source: Interiorsigndesign.com

A red brick wall is highly appropriate in order to create a special interior design in the living room. Lacquered and polished, this type of decorative wall doesn’t need a complicate maintenance and it can look pretty cool combined with modern furniture and other modern decorative elements.

The lighting system might not seem significant, but they can completely change the interior design of a room. A metallic chandelier above an old wooden table and a red brick wall can be a perfect match.


However, if you decide to use concrete, you should know that it was highly wanted in factories because of its aspect, price and durability. Concrete can be incorporated in interior design as floor and its main advantage is the fact that it is a very strong material, it looks good and you can clean it easily.

Industrial design style is not accepted by many people because it is harder to get it right. A project like this one takes a lot of time and thinking. It has to create comfort and it’s called warm industrial design for a reason. Even though it is mainly used for bards, clubs or studios, a house can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few industrial design elements.