The Void Rug Creates An Optical Illusion Hole In Your Floor

Void Rug is a really interesting project by Scott Jarvie, Scottish designer, which makes it seem as if there is a huge black hole in your room’s floor. It is made out of 100% merino wool. After you place it and you look from a different angle, you gain depth illusion.

Jarvie declared:

The design was inspired by the notion that the design of a 2 dimensional rug could be informed by a 3 dimensional approach, where there was more thought embedded in the design than simply the surface pattern. The illusion of depth is achieved by careful consideration of perspective, light and texture.


As you can easily notice, the design is really simple: geometric patterns that are added inside a circle and then in a rectangle. It appears as void when you look from a specific area. This is when the rugs look like void inside the floor. It is definitely a courageous design that you may want to consider right now for your living room. It is a certainty that the guests will be impressed. Make sure that the perfect viewing angle comes from an entryway for the shock factor.