How To Choose The Right Furniture For Your Small Living Room

Choosing the right furniture for your small living room might seem a daunting task. You want a sofa, some storage, a place for the TV set, and who knows what else? How do you fit everything in your small living room?

Often, this looks like a truly impossible challenge you cannot solve. The space is too tiny and you find yourself not even having space available for the essentials.

Fortunately, you can get things right. You just need to know how. To help you, here are some of the best tips you have to know.

Use Multi-Tasking Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is truly your best friend in small living rooms. The best example of that is the ottoman footstool. It is a comfortable extra seat for your guests and includes extra storage. And you even have where to put your feet when you go back home after work.

Look for furniture that actively performs at least 2 functions. This is the secret to having a very successful scheme for your tiny living room. You no longer have to fit in two items.

Some ideas to consider include:

  • Use a storage footstool instead of the classic coffee table.
  • Choose narrow console tables instead of larger desks.
  • Use upholstered cubes for extra seating and the occasional table.

Take Advantage Of Built In Storage

Image from: One Kin Design

Avoid individual storage furniture, like TV units, cupboards for music, and bookcases. They simply fill up the living room and create a cramped seating area. The alternative for small rooms is to use a bespoke combo with cupboards, shelves, and drawers. These are placed along the wall and offer storage for many items you want in the living room.

Going bespoke with your furniture might be a little expensive at times but it is the best option you have. This is mainly because every inch will be catered for. And clutter will be limited, especially when there are some included storage options available.

Try to go high with bespoke furniture since it is not overpowering. You can easily put the items you use the least right at the top. When there are items that should not be on display, go for modular design. It combines closed and open storage.

As an extra tip, try to find the designs created with small spaces in mind. They often include great features like pull-down desks.

Carefully Choose A Sofa For A Small Living Room

The common misconception is that you can only choose a small sofa because you have a small living room. When you want a cozy, inviting, comfy room with a lot of seating, choose a bigger sofa. Sectional sofas that hug walls are great for smaller spaces.

Choose light colors. They do not take up too much visual space and maintains the minimal feel of the room.

When the living room is particularly small and the sofa would be too much, use a love seat. Choose comfortable seat cushions and look for an appropriate shape. An upright, compact seat is very comfortable and offers you enough room to maybe add a coffee table.

Carefully Choose Furniture Materials

Image from: Homedit

Wood furniture is highly preferred by many but if you like it, remember that dark wood makes the small room look heavy. By simply choosing the exact same piece but in a lighter wood you get a better design.

MDF cabinet furniture or painted wood furniture in light grey, cream, or white works great in small living rooms. You can also opt for shelving but choose something in the exact same shade as your wall. This makes it visually “disappear” and blend with the background.

For your occasional tables, opt for acrylic or glass. The materials do not reduce utility and they lessen the visual impact. Acrylic side chairs can be extra seats and they will not look like filling up living rooms.

Choose The Right Small Living Room Furniture Shape

Image from: Resource Furniture

For the small living room, it does not only matter what furniture pieces you choose. You also have to be careful with the material and the shape. We already discussed some material options above but you have to also think about shape.

Since the space is small, you want to create the illusion of more available space. A great option is furniture that you can see under. This includes things like armchairs, footstools, bookcases, and sofas.

When you show more floor, the space looks more spacious. Find slim legs and opt for metal legs for your side tables or seating. These are stylish. You can also opt for mid-century inspired wooden tapered legs.

Be attentive with the items you choose and their shape. For instance, scrolled arms use up more space. Opt for squared-off, upright, slim arms.

Lay Out Your Furniture Right In The Small Living Room

This is something that should be discussed more in detail in the future but it is important to mention the fact that the small living room’s layout is just as important, or even more important than the furniture you choose.

Usually, in small spaces, we tend to put our furniture right up against walls. This leaves space visible. This is always the best possible option when the room is particularly small. But, if you can afford it, give the room some space to breathe. Pulling away furniture from walls and allowing yourself just enough room to walk around it makes the room seem larger. This is true even when there is less floor space visible. Need more layout ideas? You can see some here.