Why Is Transitional Kitchen Design So Popular Right Now?

Transitional kitchen design is nowadays highly popular around the world. Statistics show that 65% of the kitchens that were designed in the past 12 months use this style. This is more than double the number of kitchens that use other popular styles, like farmhouse, contemporary or traditional.

Many homeowners and even designers are surprised to see this but if we are to look closely at what transitional kitchen design offers, it is easier to understand why popularity is high.

Transitional Kitchen Design Is Clean And Relaxed

Transitional kitchen design blends contemporary design sleekness with traditional design textures. In a kitchen, we have lines that are practical, clean and a geometric approach in the cabinetry, countertops and crafted elements in general. At the same time, really heavily decorative features that are characteristics of traditional kitchens are not added.


Most transitional kitchens are opening towards a living area so designers opt for really smooth features that perfectly blend in. An airy effect is usually desired, together with as much light as possible. Clean colors like blues, bones, beiges and whites are utilized. They are great for when a person wants to resell because the neutral colors are appealing for the buyers and also look great at the same time.


In the transitional kitchen we see cabinets with medium or light color. The materials chosen are usually wood grain, wood or some mixed materials. Integrated storage that includes recessed panels is used, with drawers being more prevalent than doors. Integrated hardware or matte decorative hardware are often utilized.


The most popular kitchens are white and have stainless steel appliances. There is often perimeter cabinetry and a contrasting island added. You can also often see French-door refrigerators that are fully-integrated in the transitional kitchens. Standard-door dishwashers and updraft hoods are also staples in transitional kitchen designs.

Backsplashes And Countertops

Marble backsplashes and countertops are perfect in transitional kitchens. Also, you often see quartzite and quartz. Countertops are normally thicker. They tend to be traditional but some do have beautiful waterfall edges. The favorite is the subway tile for the backsplashes but glass tiles and mosaics can work pretty well.

Faucets And Sinks

The popular sink styles in transitional kitchen design are apron sinks and stainless steel single bowl sinks.

When looking at faucets, the brushed stainless steel finish is preferred. However, satin, polished and matte are popular. No real preference appears when referring to faucet functionality.

Lighting And Flooring

Various lighting options are popular in the transitional kitchens. This does include dimmers, pendants and recessed lights. Interior cabinet lighting and undercabinet lighting are also often seen. Even keypads and motion sensors are popular. Basically, when it comes to lighting, the transitional kitchen can include traditional, glam, industrial, contemporary and even mid-century modern elements.

When looking at flooring, it is usually wood or tile, with a high gloss. However, many other things can be used, with some designers even adding luxury vinyl.

Featured image from: Colorado Homes Mag