A Tiny Houseboat To Sleep On Sea Or Land

If you can only afford a really tiny house, how about one that can float? This is exactly what Heidi-Ho is.

Heidi-Ho is a pontoon boat that is topped with a cabin (cargo-trailer). It is 30 feet long and was built in March 2019 by F&S Houseboats’ Scott Cronk. It is practically a multi-purpose residence that was built with pontoon logs and an 115 HP Suzuki outboard engine.

Although it is tiny, inside you can find a full kitchen. It even has an oven and 3 burners. There is also a removable dinette and a refrigerator. Then, a sleeping area is present with a full bed and an extra drop-down bunk. In total, 3 guests can accommodated. As expected, there is a shower, a toilet, a closet and the deck has beautiful lounge chairs.

As power source, Heidi-Ho uses a solar panel (175 W). This helps power the stereo system (it includes ceiling speakers). If you do not care about it, you can always just use the digital antenna or go for a swim.

When you want to move to land, the deck is condensed and easy to transport. The cabin fully detaches from the boat and you can use it as a capable road trailer. 2 in 1 housing.

Scott Crank said:

“After wildfires in the Fall of 2017, I sold my home in Santa Rosa, Northern California, and moved to the Palm Springs Area, Southern California. This houseboat is a way for me to spend my summers visiting friends in Northern California.”

Scott does now sell the tiny houseboat. If you want it, you have to pay $64,000.

Photographs: Heidi-Ho