Perfect Italian Alps Minimalist Villa

When it comes to modern minimalist design and innovation, architect Camillo Botticini has everything laid down in a perfect mix of style and value. The ALPS VILLA located in Lumezzane, Italy is a clear statement of that. This is a home for a private client. It is 3,875 square feet and is made out of wood and oxidized copper. However, what stands out is not that. This lovely villa has a very attractive design and shape. There are 3 varying heights volumes that are connected, resulting in a C-shaped floor plan that is irregular but so properly laid out. The 2 main volumes are the ones that are particularly interesting. One features 3 bedrooms. The other has the living room with a ceiling that is 14 feet high.

Most likely, the idea was to create a minimalist villa that was spacious and beautiful. This is exactly the result. It was perfectly integrated in the natural environment. There is even a small tree that became a part of it. Camillo Botticini said about the project:



“The landscape is characterized by a valley to the south and a frame of green mountains with peaks of dolomite rock to the north. It’s close to the urban area, but at the same time far away, where the grazing sheep and the scent of mountain herbs seem to have stopped time.”


With such a location, creating something stunning was definitely necessary to do it justice. Ever since you climb the stairs to the home you are impressed. Walking around the home you are impressed and when you get closer, you see the highly modern interior design through the large windows that take full advantage of natural light. Expect expansive windows, white plaster walls and furnishings that can be described in two words: minimalist and spacious. To make matters even better, this modern minimalist Italian Alps villa also has ventilated walls, heat pump and a special geothermal system created.