3 Really Important Things When You Live In A Small Apartment

There are millions of people that live in small apartments right now. Some bedrooms seem more like closets and you might sometimes even reach that kitchen sink as you lean away from your bed.

Dealing with small spaces is confusing for many but there are 3 things that are incredibly helpful for you. If you read what is written on many websites, you quickly see examples of some wonderful and ingenious uses of interior design basics in order to make that small space seem a lot larger. If you want to make living a lot more comfortable for you in a small apartment, remember this:

Proper Use Of Lighting

great lighting use in small apartment

When the space is small, you deal with it. If the space is really small and very dark, all is a lot worse than it should be. Good lighting has a huge effect in transforming any room and is particularly important when available space is limited.

The best thing that you can do is use as much natural light as possible. Do not add too much furniture and try to use window treatments that can let in as much light as the arrangement can offer.


Try to use reflective surfaces so you make light even more impactful. Mirrors are always great for this. When you think about artificial light use, try to add sufficient task, ambient and general lighting. Whenever small rooms are properly lit they will look and feel much more spacious.

Store And Organize

organization and storage

One huge problem with the small apartments is the lack of storage. As time passes, we tend to add more and more as we buy new furniture or decorations, among many others. With a small apartment, organization and storage are vital.

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You basically have to learn how to live with less. It sounds bad but you will love the results. At the same time, you want to regularly clear the apartment and make sure everything is tidy. The great thing about this is that once you get used to a good schedule, it will no longer seem a chore.

Flexibility – Versatility

flexible furniture

Flexible layouts are always great in small apartments that have multiple uses. You want to look for small furniture that has multiple uses. For instance, you can combine your dining table with a desk. Wall-mounted elements are always great and sofa beds are normally recommended. Use rolling pieces and all that you can in order to make sure that the space is as flexible as it can be.