4 Big 2019 Architecture Trends That Gained Traction

Whenever talking about architecture, most people think about the classics but few understand that for every single one of the classics out there we can mention countless other structures that did not stand the test of time. Trends come and go in architecture. All architects and people interested in modern living focus on the trends.


Since we are already some months in, we now know of some 2019 architecture trends that are popular and that should be in the back of the mind of all architects, until at least the end of the year. Those trends mentioned below are definitely interesting and you do want to learn more about them.

Hidden Technology

Examples of how to hide wires and make them a part of the design

In design and tech, the smart home is not at all a new concept. However, it is just now that architects learn how to be really sneaky about using smart technology. Nowadays, technology is included in the design of the home. It is no longer a main feature, as in the past.

Architects started to build speakers and smart outlets right into the home. This means technology becomes available without being faced with the unwanted situation of tripping over wires. Technology is quickly becoming a vital part of our life. It is no longer just an add-on. In the future we expect numerous other smart solutions developed to keep technology functional and hidden.

Flexible Design

Image From: Home Designing

You will not find two families that want the exact same thing in terms of interior design. With this in mind, why are floorplans so similar? Flexible design stood out in 2019 because of this need of unique interiors. Designers have to see the differences that families show. Flexible design leaves many details up to a homeowner. For instance, a really common trend we see is the creation of a room that can be used for two purposes, like an office and a guest room. At the same time, the less-used, formal spaces, like a dining room, are eliminated. Homes are much more optimized for the wishes of the family as opposed to standards that were respected in the past.


Video presentation of sustainable interiors by >Mackenzie.

Sustainability is very important for many interior designers and architects. Architects came up with new solutions that are much more than just using solar panels and energy-rated appliances. They even think about how building on a site will impact the environment.

We often see designers turning towards sustainable, locally sourced building materials. Then, the actual design takes into account the effect of the structure on nature and what can be done to minimize it. Sustainability is practically a part of the build so you do not even see many of the solutions used.

Smaller Builds

Image From: This Couple’s House Will Show You Why Living In A Small House Might Be A Good Alternative

Around 10 years ago, the real estate market was all about square footage. This is why there are so many huge mansions on the market right now. People are no longer impressed by square footage. They are much more interested in getting really high quality in a smaller build. The big problem with the large mansions is that sacrifices were made when referring to lot size and finishes.

In 2019 we see a clear move towards smaller builds. Homeowners just want a smaller footprint, something that is connected with sustainability and eco-friendly interest. There is more outdoor space available and maintenance is less, with easy upkeep. Homeowners want to invest in furnishings and finishes of a good quality, creating a home that does last.