5 Ways To Declutter Your Home Without Using Minimalistic Interior Design

Most people want to live in a home that is clutter free. You can easily use minimalistic interior design as it is really popular at the moment but you might not want that. If this is your case, you want to consider the declutter tips below. They are simple and you could include them in most homes from all around the world.

Use Your Walls

This is particularly useful when the room is small and there is no real storage available for everything that you have. One of the areas of the room that are neglected by many is the wall. You basically want to create some sort of vertical storage. You can even go as high as your ceiling, thus maximizing the storage you use.


Use the area to showcase ornaments or family photos. Most personal items can be highlighted like this. Use flat surfaces like your table for something else, preferably just keep them free.

Use The Hallway In An Intelligent Way

Most homes do not take full advantage of the space that is available in the hallway. These areas normally attract a lot of clutter when there is no suitable storage available. When the hallway is narrow, you want to create alcoves with shoe storage, hanging space, phone charge spots and your umbrella nook. Nooks are always great for the hallway and you can use them in order to get rid of so much clutter.

Eliminating Kitchen Clutter

A kitchen gets cluttered with huge ease. You have dirty dishes, food, tools and much that appears everywhere. What you have to do is spend some money and buy storage jars. This is where you can put some of the dried goods. They will help you to keep food tidy and are so easy to clean. The children will love then and as an extra tip, you want to use square containers instead of the round ones. They are simply much more efficient.

Using Secret Storage

Clutter appears when there is no place available. Clutter can also appear when storage space is available but not used properly. You want to use hidden storage as this is really effective for making the home clutter-free and look great. As an example, you could have an ottoman that has some hidden space to store something inside.

There are so many options that you can take advantage of in terms of setting up secret storage. Just look at the options and see what would work with the interior design that you want to have.

Organizing The Bedroom

Shelving and drawers help out the most in decluttering your bedroom. This is because they offer the storage space that you need in the room and the solutions available at the moment can make the room feel welcoming and cozy, especially when coordinating with patterned rugs, throws and cushions.

Tidy the bedroom. Think about those items that you need and those that you do not. Just try to eliminate absolutely all the things that you do not need. The bedroom should be as free as possible anyway.