5 Shower Curtain Mistakes To Avoid

how to choose shower curtain

Decorating a bathroom is often associated with countless choices that seem to be really simple but they are not. The shower curtain is a perfect example of that. It is so easy to mess things up and choose something that ends up looking horrible.

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Numerous shower curtain mistakes can be made. We have to highlight the following as being those that most often appear.

Choosing Plastic Curtains

Plastic is quickly chosen by homeowners because it is very easy to clean and cheap. After you get tired of the curtain, you cannot feel bad about throwing it away. The problem is that plastic curtains always look cheap.

The exact same thing can be said about choosing a cheap plastic liner. You should only consider it if it is regularly changed and always stays clean. Replacements are necessary every 6 months, sometimes even sooner because mildew, soap scum and water stain end up showing.

The best liner is a fabric one made out of polyester. It does have high water resistance. You can also choose a hotel-style, nylon liner. These are much better than plastic.

Not Thinking About Shower Curtain Textures

You do not have to add ruffles but you can consider simple ribbons, trims, or embroidery. This makes even plain curtains stand out. Look at different shower curtains and do not dismiss texture. You can even make your own if the fabric is water resistant. However, it is usually better to go for the store-bought options. They can easily be washed and dried with your laundry.

Picking Cheesy Shower Curtains Thinking They Are Cute

This usually happens in a bathroom that will be used by kids. Such a room needs to be colorful and childlike. However, this does not mean that you can simply hang cartoon characters and expect the result to look great. Make sure that you never pick something that is cheesy. Opt for interesting patterns, the favorite colors of the children or oversized graphics. These are much better for the shower curtain.

Not Considering Plain White Curtains

Shower curtains allow you to play with patterns and colors. The great thing about it is that you do not have to make a long-term commitment since you can always change them. However, this does not mean that you should not consider plain white shower curtains. They can offer a really fresh look and the space does not look cheap. You will often see white shower curtains in hotels because they scream out cleanliness, so why not take advantage of this in your home?

Using Plastic Rings

These were very popular in the eighties but nowadays, many other great options exist. You can use metal rings as this matches other bathroom finishes. Double hooks are also a great idea as they can be hung inside your tub while curtains stay on the outside. Add liners that have little magnets included and the look is complete.