House Exterior Projects That Instantly Add Curb Appeal

When it comes to curb appeal, the front of your house is very important. This practically includes the entire space between the front door and the fence (if you have one, of course). Visitors will just see one side of the home as they walk up and will instantly have an impression about what to expect inside. If you want a home to be attractive for those that pass by it or for interested buyers you absolutely need to make exterior changes. However, this does not mean all exterior projects increase curb appeal.


There are countless house exterior projects that can be mentioned and that you might consider. Most of them will add some sort of curb appeal, as long as the result is visible, but the following are definitely more important than others.

Pressure Washing House Exterior

Using a pressure washer is an incredibly effective and fast way to remove dirt from home siding, paths and the driveway. When you remove the built-up grime and dirt on the exterior of your home, the entire property becomes more attractive. Your neighbors will usually think that you did a paint job.

Obviously, most people do not want to buy a pressure washer just for one project. Fortunately, you can always rent one and there is also the option of hiring professional exterior cleaners, which is usually the recommended bet.

Related tip: Be sure that you do not use the pressure washer at a setting that is too strong and that can hurt the delicate exterior features of your house.

Add Really Bold House Numbers

Large house numbers instantly stand out, which is definitely something that you want if your goal is to increase the house’s curb appeal. Look around on the internet to find some that are really unique and that match the style of the home. Custom plaques can be ordered and you can always go for really large, individual numbers. If the budget allows it, take it one step further and write a message too.

Update Your Front Path

The best path is one that is very easy to traverse and is clearly marked. At the same time, it needs to offer some sense of style. Just think about how a curving front path featuring rustic flagstones looks like when compared with the traditional, blank frontway.

If you do not have inspiration and you have no idea what to consider for your front path, you can always hire an experienced landscape designer. Professionals can easily create something really special that will blend with home architecture in a seamless way.

Paint Your Shutters, Porch Ceiling and Front Door

Old House Front Door – A paint job would do wonders.

When the exterior of a house was not painted for quite a long time but you do want a change, there is one in-between measure that can be considered: simply paint the shutters, porch ceiling and/or the front door. This does not cost you as much as with a complete exterior paint job and will instantly increase curb appeal.

Replace Or Revamp Your Porch

Image from Flickr user Rachel Kramer

Your visitors will see the porch and there is a pretty good possibility people will spend some time there during gatherings. So much foot traffic appears in this part of your property. Due to it, older homes tend to need much more than just basic refinishing.

If you can make some simple improvements to your porch, do them! This is an integral home design part so do consider hiring a contractor whenever major revamps or a replacement is needed.