5 Different Replacement Window Types You Can Consider During Renovation

If you want to renovate your home and replace windows, you set yourself up to a large project. There are simply so many things you will have to think about. That is why we should always think about the following:

  • Replacement window types
  • Ideal locations for different windows types
  • Custom windows options

There are a lot of styles, types and customizable options for your replacement windows. The choices can be dizzying. There are a lot of window styles available out there and you should take notice of them. You need to find out which option design works best for your personal preferences and the architecture of your home.

There are a few types of windows you should consider:

  • Double Hung windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Awning & casement windows
  • Bow and bay windows
  • Custom shape windows

Double Hung windows

Double Hung windows are really popular and they are best for openings where height is greater than width. The tilt-in feature of this window allows you to properly clean it.

Sliding windows

The sliding windows are a great choice for openings where width is usually greater than height. These types of windows also have the tilt-in feature that allows easy cleaning.

Awning and casement windows

Awning and casement windows are really great for openings where width is greater than height. Both window styles open with an easy-turn fold-down handle. These windows will allow you to easy clean them from the inside.

Bow and bay windows

Both of these window styles create beautiful focal points for your home. They utilize 3-4 or even 5 windows at 10-15 degree angles. Bay windows can utilize 3 windows at 25-45 degree angles. Individual windows are typically fixed windows or casement.

Custom shape windows

In the end, you can go for custom shape windows when you need some additional light in your house. They are ideal for openings that are difficult to reach. You can choose those because they are available in more than 25 specialty shapes and you can even order a custom window for your needs.

You can choose a variety of colors that will match your home perfectly. Think about the exterior of your home and what color you need to choose for the windows in order to match the exterior.


Energy Efficient Glass Options

You should always go with glass that is really efficient when it comes to windows, but you need to know that there are a lot of types of glass on the market. You need to buy a window that will affect the flow of the heat in and out of your home and also you should consider thinking about the amount of light that comes through the window. A window should also limit the amount of noise that comes in your house.

Woodgrain Interior

Vinyl woodgrain interior are maintenance free and won`t rot, crack or even splinter like the real wood would. You can always compliment the look of your vinyl woodgrain windows with a custom interior wood trim in oak, pine or even cherry.

Choosing the right replacement window can be a hard thing to do, but if you persevere, you will find exactly what you need.