Exquisite Wood Flooring Use

Many interior designers stay away from wood flooring because of different reasons, including the fact that homeowners try to stay away from this material. Dinesen is not one of those designers. The projects showcased below all feature perfect use of wood flooring in a modern environment. The great thing about the work done is the addition of some surprising elements that you would not really expect. That is why we see this as truly exquisite use of wood flooring.

wood flooring dining room
Great use of natural light, wood based furniture, flooring and white walls for maximum space.
wood flooring entertaingment room
Do you need to entertain many people and you frequently find yourself watching DVDs? This setup may be great for you and you can even use it for some cocktails with business partners.
wood flooring and yellow chair
By now you already figured out the style based on natural light use but here we see one element that automatically stands out: the colored chair. Such a simple addition.
wood flooring work space
This can be your very own home office or whatever you want it to be. We see more use of wood to perfectly match the flooring and you can see the contrast with the white walls.
wood flooring
Yes, that is a fireplace, a lovely fireplace. You can barely see it but it does make a difference!
wood flooring fireplace
Another view of that lovely fireplace, from a different angle.
wood flooring with peaked ceiling
If you want more wood, how about moving up the wall and covering the ceiling? The chairs may not be what you want to see here but you will still love it.