6 Interior Design Hacks That Are Perfect For Smaller Apartments

Staying in a small apartment might feel like a drag since there is never space for all the items you want to add. Fortunately, this is just a belief that people have when they do not really know much about how to decorate a smaller apartment.


If you want the design of your apartment to be as great as it could be, there are countless things that you can do. We have some really great suggestions for you below.

Display Only What You Need

Vestibule decoration

When the apartment is small, the golden rule of “less is more” becomes even more important. Even if space is restricted, many homeowners just want to add as much as they can. They feel that they have to add many items to make everything look great. This is not the case.

You do not need to just go down to bare essentials. However, what you have to do is focus on what is really important, what inspires you and what makes you feel happy about the home. Those are the items that you want to display and use in your interior design.

Hang The Curtains Higher

Image From: Happy Meets Home

In many cases the window stands out as a focal point in rooms from small apartments. In order to make everything look even better, adding some floor-to-ceiling curtains can make the space feel like it is much more impressive and larger. If you cannot add such large curtains, at least try to hang yours higher than usual.

Buy Smaller Furniture

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The truth is that this is a tip that can be useful for most people living in larger cities. It is a shame to see that many are not even aware of the fact that there are manufacturers out there that are specialized in the creation of smaller furniture, all meant to be used in the smaller apartments. Just be sure that you understand different design styles so you can match everything in a proper way. Randomly adding small furniture might not look as you initially thought.

Choose A Neutral Wall Color

Image: Flickr user outreachr

Painting the wall in strong colors is not a good idea if the apartment is small. It is always a lot better if you choose a wall color that is neutral. This will help make the room more energizing and feel a lot brighter, which is definitely what you want at the end of the day since space is limited.

Add A Settee

A bench or a settee is quite great for small home interior. It makes the room look more elegant without you having to add a really heavy sofa, with a width that will leave so little space for adding something else. Also, settees and benches are much cheaper than the sofas. You will find it really easy to move them and you can easily find one that looks unique.

Use Wall Mounted Lights

If you want to make your home look great and space is limited, why not take advantage of wall mounted lights? Adding these lights will help you to free up a lot of space on the tabletops and you can create a really intimate and warm mood. Even drama can be created.