The Top 3 Bathroom Tile Materials

For countless years people tiled bathroom floors. The choices that were made in the past were quite obvious since there were not many materials that were available. However, nowadays things are much more complex. There are so many different materials that are available but we will focus on some that are very popular right now. There is a really good possibility you will make your final choice out of them.


Most people out there look for tiles that look as great as possible. Appearance is definitely something that needs to be taken into account but you also have to think about tile hardness, installation, porosity and durability. Be aware of all the options that are available so that you can choose one based on bathroom layout, the desired style and budget. The 3 major bathroom tiles you can choose from are the following.

Glass Bathroom Tiles

Glass tiles are mosaic tiles. They have been used in homes and buildings ever since the renowned Byzantine empire. They are still popular today. This is because of the low porosity, which makes the glass tile completely waterproof, a perfect choice for a bathroom.

Glass bathroom tiles can easily add color pops and you can dye them in various color variations. You do not need to worry about discoloration or fading since the glass tiles will retain color for years to come. If you want to add some personality and charm, do consider glass.

Natural Bathroom Tiles

These are nowadays used in both commercial and residential buildings. They are cut straight from the earth so the tiles are resilient, reliable and with a high resistance to scratches. The problem is that these are tiles that will be more porous than ceramic or glass.

The natural tiles are unique as you will not find 2 that will look exactly the same. They are also practical and have come along a really long lifespan, unless chipping appears. If you want to be tech-savvy and eco-friendly, choose natural tiles as they are really great conductors. You can place them right over underfloor heating systems to lower overall heating costs. Natural bathroom tiles will add nature and luxury to your bathroom design.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

These are made out of clay. There are different ceramic tile types, like terra cotta tiles, glazed tiles, porcelain tiles and unglazed tiles. The ceramic tile is quite practical, all while also being visually pleasing. Similarly to the glass tile, the ceramic tile comes in various different patterns and colors, all while it is still very affordable.

Ceramic tiles will become very durable and strong after being glazed. Glazing means that stain is less likely in the future as water is continuously contacted. Ceramics are wonderful and will not lose posterity through firing. The tiles will be great if you want to get a bathroom design that is chic and affordable at the same time.