Things To Never Do When Decorating With Red

Red is known as the color of confidence, passion and aggression. It is different than all the others because you are instantly drawn to the color red. In 2018 red was a hugely trending color and it will continue to be like that.


You have so many positives to gain when decorating with red but you can also go horribly wrong. If you want to use red and you want to end up with a stunning look when you are done, here are some things that you should never do. Avoid these mistakes and you will do much better.

Using Only One Red Shade

Numerous people will tell you that you want to stick with just one color shade but this is not actually the case. This should be avoided when you use muted colors like whites, blues and grays. It is even more important to avoid this mistake when you choose red for the interior of your home.

As you choose red when you decorate, you want to consider different shades. This will offer a clear sense of variety and depth so your space will not look visually overwhelming.

Over-Emphasizing Red

Decorating and designing with red is basically a balancing act between using way too much and using way too little. Start with asking 2 questions:

  • Do I use enough red?
  • Do I use too much red?

When you answer yes to the second question, identify what is over-emphasized and take a step back. When you are overwhelmed and the walls are not red, you want to paint the walls in dark browns or earth tones. Earthy shades are pretty useful in a red room and offer a contrast that is complementary. This is great for interior design projects.

Using Minimalism

Complimentary contrast is added when you add color as pops and you take the minimalistic approach. However, if you decorate with red paint or choose red décor elements, the exact opposite of minimal is what you want to do. Red room designs are always visually dramatic.

Bold window treatments, mirrored items and golds will complement red shade dramas all throughout the room. Red is incredible in styles that are chic, glamorous and simply over the top. When the opposite effect is desired, red accented décor that is over-the-top can be used to play up the bold displays in a room. This creates a really daring home space and a wonderful design.

Being Too Timid

Similarly to just using one shade of red, if you just use one red accented décor item, you do not add much to the room. You want to be really bold with red. It is said that this is a color that stimulates appetites and attraction. Why would you ever integrate it in other rooms and not in dining rooms and your kitchen?

As you decorate the interior of the home with red paint or décor, you have to take risks and you should be quite confident. You may love a red painting but why not also add some extra red decorative accessories? Using red in interior design stands out as dramatic, inviting and warm. You want to basically find a middle ground between function and beauty as you use red in interior design.

Final Thoughts

After you make the decision of decorating your room with red, be sure that you incorporate many shades. You want to be dramatic, confident and bold. This is what will help you to come up with a wonderful result. Do not make the mistakes mentioned above.