6M House by Jannina Cabal

The 6M House is quite an interesting project located close to a lake and with a perfect setting that makes you feel right in the middle of nature. The house was the work of Jannina Cabal and was finished in 2019, covering 570 square meters.

One of the main objectives of the design was to be able to look at nature to see it as a whole through glass walls. This led to the use of pure lines and a very free interior space. We are looking at a simplification of design done with the purpose of appreciating architecture beauty and the nature surrounding the house.

An important design choice was to make the house move towards the west side in order to avoid afternoon sun and be able to keep the property cool while creating a very large side patio. The house is separated from the adjacent street with vegetation, thus creating a private area. The main fa├žade features large windows, together with dark iron cladding for the carport and andesite stone used for the housing.

The facades have a horizontal orientation. This was made possible even if there is an upper level area through the smart design choices made. Then, we have very simple noble and sober materials, like glass, natural stone, concrete, and iron.

Living spaces had to be achieved both outside and inside, with the creation of a truly relaxing sensory experience. All spaces are located so that the sun and the wind have access. During the late afternoon, the rays of the sun diagonally cross through orange curtains, leading to the social area.

The center of the home is made out of the dining room, a tv room, and a kitchen, all overlooking the surrounding gardens. On the whole, we are looking at a very interesting home that looks stunning and that will be attractive.

Photographs: JAG Studio