Meet Restflix, The Netflix For Sleep


We now know that lack of sleep will negatively affect our health. In fact, we can end up affected by different medical conditions if we do not sleep as much as we need.

Those that have problems sleeping at night end up trying everything. This is where Restflix steps in, the “Netflix For Sleep”.

Restflix is a very interesting sleep streaming service. It helps people fall asleep faster while encouraging productive, continuous rest.

We are talking about a service that has over twenty personalized channels. On some of them, stories are broadcasted together with guided meditations. On others, you get to look at incredible views while you hear relaxing sounds. You can even find some content that is specifically created for children. This can be very useful for parents.

Restflix offers you videos that are pretty effective. This is because of the audio offered. Every single video utilizes binaural beats, which is a very specific sound wave therapy combining 2 different sound frequencies. This creates the illusion of having one frequency and promotes the production of melatonin, which is a very strong sleep hormone. It was shown that binaural beats might help treat stress, anxiety, and other similar disorders.

Some examples of what you can expect can be seen here:

Kevin Hillman, Restflix founder, declared when talking about why the sleep app was created:

“After months of laying awake wide-eyed, not being able to relax my mind and fall asleep, I realized no solution out there was solving the heart of the sleep issue and the conflicts that are causing the stress and division in everyday life. As a creative entrepreneur, I wanted a solution that would make a major difference in the hearts of people like myself who are struggling to rest because of the stress and conflicts in our present time, and through Restflix’s sound technology and content, people awake rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.”

Just as with Netflix, Restflix works based on a subscription. For one month you pay $7.99. The yearly subscription costs $59.99. Just as with all similar apps, you can use a trial to try the app before you commit to a subscription.