7 Guest Bedroom Essentials You Absolutely Need

guest bedroom essentials

The guest bedroom in a home is often just an afterthought. It is easy to understand why since nobody really wants to put favorite décor pieces in rooms that are rarely visited.

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While it is completely normal to not think much about the guest room, we are sure you want your guests to feel great while you host them. If this is something that is important for you (it should be), here are some essentials that are mandatory in the guest bedroom.

Extra Blanket

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Every single person that stayed a night in a cold room knows the feeling of wanting an extra blanket. This is why you should make sure that you have an extra one in your guest room. Also, it needs to be easily accessible.


It is never pleasant to be at someone else’s home and have to go to the kitchen late at night simply for some water. Remember the fact that your guests do not know your kitchen so if they want something to drink, it is a hassle. You can easily avoid an awkward situation by having water available.

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Obviously, if you can, a bar with several drinks and even a small fridge can offer incredible comfort.

A Mirror

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When the guest room has an en suite bathroom, you surely have a mirror. If not, you absolutely need to add one as it is a bedroom essential you should never neglect. If there is no mirror, the guests have to meet you without looking at their best. This is something most people do not want to be faced with.

The WiFi Password

Nowadays, most homes have a WiFi internet connection. If this is your case, you want to be sure your guests know the password. As you talk about other things throughout the day, it is really easy to forget about this topic and the guests might end up late at night without an internet connection. Avoid this by having the WiFi password written somewhere. For instance, you can have a card with it on a bedside nightstand.

A Trashcan

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It is surprising to see how many guest rooms do not have a trashcan. This is usually because of the misconception that it is not a great fit. Nowadays, you can so easily choose a trashcan that perfectly matches the décor so be sure to add it.

A Luggage Rack

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If you have guests staying for a longer period of time, you surely want a luggage rack. This is true even when just a night’s stay is scheduled as you never really know how light someone travels. A luggage rack is great since it helps guests not have to unpack on the floor. It offers an elevated surface that is quite convenient. It is the little things that count the most in a guest room. This addition will be appreciated.


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You never want someone to rely on a suitcase for storing clothes. Closet space has to be available and you want to be sure that you have some hangers in place. When you do this, guests know that they are allowed to use the available space and they can get settled much faster.

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Your turn now. What guest bedroom essentials would you add to this list? Let us know through a comment.