The Cat Flat – A Treasure For Your Feline Friends

The Cat Flat

Cats need a great place to stay, right? Your couch is not enough so this Cat Flat might be something to seriously consider. It is much more interesting than you might initially think because it is meant to offer your cat 10 necessities few owners think about, besides a bathroom, water, food and a place to sit.

The Cat Flat was built based on the work of Susanne Hellman Holmstrom, the first cat psychologist in Sweden. She highlighted these 10 extra necessities: cleaning fur, scratching, looking after the territory, hiding, hunting, sleeping, playing, social connections, discovering and spying. Obviously, for most indoor cats, it is difficult to offer a space to give access to all these necessities. Enter the Cat Flat.

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Susanne Hellman Holmstrom worked with Eleonor Moschevitz (interior designer) in order to create this Cat Flat for 24 Storage. Practically, it is designed on the outside for you, looking like a cabinet aimed to help you store things. When doors open though, everything is for the cats.

The material of choice was walnut veneer. Doors are both horizontal and vertical, offering every single piece a unique personality. As you can see from the image, The Cat Flat has 3 levels, with cabinets allowing cats to explore freely so they can enjoy every single toy, scratcher and weird little hiding spot.

Photography: Henrik Nero