Birdbox – The Small Cabin Designed For Human Birdwatching

Torstein Aa is a Norwegian designer that co-founded Livit and created Birdbox, which is not really a small cabin designed for human birdwatching but it is designed to offer a unique adventure for travelers that are in search of calmness and freedom.

Following the recent trends for sustainability, Birdbox is prefabricated and the goal is to get the people inside really close to nature. It is light and small so it can be placed literally anywhere, with a very small footprint.

Birdbox can be bought in 2 sizes, Medi and Mini. You can mount them on columns with a helicopter. As a result, the footprint is reversible and minimal.

What is instantly noticed with the small cabin is the shape of the window. Besides the fact that it looks cool, it offers an optimal viewing experience.

In order to guarantee the minimal necessities, Birdbox comes with an extra box that is similar in design and that offers the bathroom.