Smart Home Upgrades That Will Help You Save Money

Technology is quickly creeping its way into every single aspect of our life, including our homes. There is so much smart technology that we can use, leading to the appearance of truly smart homes. The problem is there are so many upgrades that are possible that it is difficult to find one that is very good. If you want to save money with your smart home upgrades, the three mentioned below are definitely worth considering. If you do not care about saving money, other smart upgrades are possible.

Install Smart Lighting

Out of all the smart home upgrades you could make, smart lighting is what is particularly easy and what can cut costs really fast. Smart lights have really high energy efficiency as compared with incandescent bulbs. It is always a very good idea to move towards CFL or LED lights to get some immediate savings.


Smart lighting is very good at saving as lights are used every day. It is possible to lose a lot of money as you leave on your lights during the night. The smart lighting takes savings to a whole new level because lightbulbs are connected. You can actually use your phone in order to turn off all the lights in your home.

If you want to save even more with your lighting, use some that have occupancy sensors. This will turn off all the lights if people are not present.

Use Remote Outlets

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You cannot just control your lights with a smartphone app and remote control. The smart sockets can be equipped with WiFi and offer you the possibility to just flip the power on if something is plugged in and you want to cut electricity.

At first glance, people do not actually think about using remote outlets because of the fact that they think not much can be saved. The remote outlets are actually much more interesting than what many think, especially because people forget to turn off appliances as they are used.

Did you ever fail to remember whether or not you turned off your coffee pot? The remote outlet allows you to avoid this unwanted situation since you can use the smartphone to cut power. You thus save money and do not have to worry about forgetting anything.

Install Smart Thermostats

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2 types of people exist: those that just set the thermostat one time and then never make an adjustment and those that always fiddle with the adjustments. In both cases, you are going to lose a lot of money. Remember the fact that adjusting the thermostat is something that needs to be done whenever needed, usually when the seasons change. The official recommendation is to set the thermostat at a temperature of 68-78 degrees during winters.

The good news is that with the use of the appropriate technology, savings can be minimized. A smart thermostat can easily be programmed with the use of an app to change temperatures really fast. This is possible even if you are not at home.

There are nowadays numerous utility providers that offer rebates if you install various possible power-saving devices. It is always worth calling just to see what is possible. There are even cases in which thermostat costs are included. This is definitely a full smart home upgrade.

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