How To Eliminate Clutter When You Want To Sell Your Home

Putting your home on the market is emotional. The place where you had so many great memories will now become the headquarters for someone else. Listing the home is always the very first stem you make but finding a really good buyer is not as easy as you initially think.

When you want to sell a house, it is the little things that matter the most. A really simple way to speed up the entire process is to remove the clutter. Even if you think that your home is clutter-free, there are surely some things that you can do.


When you see some small items on your nightstand or on kitchen counters, your initial thought is that it is not important. This is not actually the case. When a person buys a home, he/she wants to see a home. Picturing themselves living inside a home is hard if there are so many knickknacks present.

If you want to sell your house faster, here are some tips to help you eliminate clutter.

Eliminate Living Room Clutter

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In the living room, you want to feel comfortable. You spend time with your friends and you relax after a really long day at work. This is a space that is casual in nature so it is really easy for it to accumulate a lot of stuff. For instance, you can keep stacking magazines close to the couch. Small items might pile up on a bookshelf. Basically, in most cases, when you walk into a living room you feel that the room is the most lived-in one of the entire house.

You feel great inside the living room but when an interested buyer looks at it, how can he imagine himself comfortable there when there are numerous reminders of the room being inhabited?

Think about the clutter that stops the home from selling, the reminders that someone else owns the home. Remove them and then move on to areas where clutter cannot be removed due to different reasons. In such areas, you can add candles and fresh flowers.

Clear Kitchen Counters

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Your kitchen has to be as useful as possible. You might not use your living room much and can skip the dining room but you do spend time in the kitchen. This is actually why it can be so hard to keep your kitchen counters clear. Counters are often used as room storage space for larger serving dishes or appliances. Snacks might always be out and you can easily end up with a lot of clutter that just piles up.

Due to the fact that the kitchen has to be as functional as possible, store items that are often used in cabinets. You can easily stow away your blender if a prospective home buyer comes to visit. It is really easy to make kitchen counters close to empty. You can add a fruit bowl or some flowers but you have to remove dishes and countless appliances.

Aromatic clutter can also be removed. Clear away the odors with a simmer pot and make sure the kitchen smells as great as it could be before the buyer comes. Clear message boards and remove the old mail.

Eliminate Bedroom Clutter

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It is often hard to clear your bedroom and buyers may be interested in looking inside the closets. This is where most people hide small messes and personal items. Because of this, make sure that you clean your bedroom early and you keep it as clear as you can. Boxing up things right now helps you to keep the bedroom clutter-free and you can also make it easier for you when you move.

Try to minimize what is present on the nightstand. Then, remove laundry hampers and arrange the bedding. Tuck away the blankets and pillows that are very comfortable but not that stylish. Add fashionable bedding layers.

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