A FRAME Cabin by Micheron Studio

You can find the A FRAME cabin in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. For it, design studio Micheron Studio worked with a ceoncept based on the customer’s dream, the idea to build a framing cabin capable of generating a special experience for those in the area. Volumetry used is interesting because it generates a really comfortable distribution, even if the slope is steep and limits internal movement. The space is definitely unusual so the addition of the furniture was very important. And it did end up being great.

The A FRAME cabin covers an area of 45 square meters and was finished in 2019.

Green and white were chosen in order to complement the other rooms and perfectly blend with the surrounding nature. White offers the visual freshness and the use of the internal green notes balances everything while also delimiting spaces.

The main façade is open. It offers a good view and the entire cabin was practically a prefabricated project. You can pre-assemble this cabin inside a workshop so overall installation time is drastically reduced. On-site work is necessary for finishing the work but this is never a problem with how simple it can be.

Air flows under the cabin because the structure is not placed directly on the floor. This is important because it makes it easy to adapt the A FRAME cabin to the terrain. Solar radiation is limited thanks to insulators, the satin color and the roof’s inclination.

The client did have some specific requirements so air conditioning had to be installed. The area is very hot so in other regions it might not be a necessity.

Photography: Arthur Micheron